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Production of this new version of the Fonds documentaire was made possible thanks to financial assistance from the Department of Canadian Heritage as part of the Canadian Culture Online Funding Program. VOX also thanks all the artists, collaborators, and partners who made production of this major project possible.

The Documentary Collection Team
Marie-Josée Jean, artistic director
Pierre Blache, administrative director
Claudine Roger, general coordinator
Myrabelle Charlebois, assistant coordinator
Frédéric Bouchard, image-processing and computer-graphics technician
Zoë Tousignant, archivist and assistant ccordinator
Michel Toujas, administrative assistant

The Collaborators
Mona Hakim, art historian

Jean-Pierre Aubé, integration of database and computer-graphics designer
Martin Vallière, integration of database

Anne Williams, documentalist
Rachel Lauzon, documentalist
Klaus Scherübel, documentalist

Anthony McLean, image-processing technician
Isabelle Hayeur, image-processing technician

Annie Dion-Clément, trainee
Yann Pocreau, trainee
Gaëlle Richard, trainee
Vinh Truong, trainee

Micheline Dussault, editor
Timothy Barnard, translator
Käthe Roth, translator and editor
Michael Gilson, translator
Judith Terry, translator
Colette Tougas, translator