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  All copyright on the photographs and texts remains the property of their authors..

© Copyright for the images
The Fonds documentaire (Documentary Collection) of VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine, results from a close collaboration with the artists participating in the project and the Société de droits d’auteur en arts visuels (SODART). The content of VOX’s Fonds documentaire is protected under copyright statutes. Reproduction, preservation, or transmission in any form of an element, a part, or all of the visual content of this database is strictly forbidden without the express written authorization of the holders of copyright concerned. By accessing the content of this database, you agree to respect this copyright.

© Authorized use of the texts
Visitors may browse, consult, and download the texts on condition that they are being used solely for non-commercial, educational, and/or personal purposes. In downloading, printing, or making other use of the texts in the Fonds documentaire, you agree to limit the use of these files to fair dealing. The copyright and property notices and a mention of the source must appear on any text used. This mention must also include the URL of the site:

© Links to the Fonds documentaire
VOX encourages other Web sites to define normal links to the home page of the Documentary Collection. However, it is forbidden to display the content of the site in frames or through direct links. If you wish to create such links to Web pages of the Documentary Collection, you must obtain authorization beforehand by contacting VOX.

To obtain authorization, you must contact:

Claudine Roger, general coordinator
VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine
1211, boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC, Canada H2X 2S6
Tel. : 514 390-0382
Fax : 514 390-1293

By accessing the Fonds documentaire you agree to respect copyright.

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