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The Fonds documentaire
  Since the 1990s, VOX has moved increasingly in the direction of producing projects that combine photography and technologies. The year 2005 has marked a turning point for the centre, which has created a major Fonds documentaire (Documentary Collection) with the goal of contributing to the advancement of knowledge regarding the history of and issues involving the image, both contemporary and historical.

The Fonds documentaire brings together visual documentation of the work of more than 120 Quebec artists. It makes accessible on the Web, free of charge, reproductions of almost 7,000 works form 1950 to the present. In addition to a database with an advanced search engine that lets users consult artists’ images and texts about their works, the Fonds documentaire includes artists’ projects, thematic paths, and visual essays that offer both the general public and the art community a chance to better understand image practices in Quebec.

In coming years, we hope that the Fonds documentaire will contain increasing numbers of the texts that have marked the history and culture of image practices in Quebec, and we will invite curators and researchers to create new thematic paths. The development of VOX’s digital activities also includes support for the production of mediatic works with the goal of encouraging experimentation in new media by contemporary artists.


These development plans are based on expertise that VOX developed with the conception, in 1995, of the Musée virtuel de la photographie québécoise (Virtual Museum of Quebec Photography). A prototype of the database, containing digital reproductions of more than 500 works by 10 member artists of Atelier VOX, was published on CD-ROM. In 1998, a second version of the Musée virtuel de la photographie québécoise featured digital reproductions of more than 3,000 works produced by 68 artists from all regions of Quebec. In February 2002, the Musée virtuel de la photographie québécoise, providing access to the work of 76 art photographers, was put on line on the Web. In addition, two virtual exhibitions produced from the collections were placed permanently on our Web site. Over the years, the Musée virtuel de la photographie québécoise has proved to be an indispensable tool for Quebec photography in terms of research, knowledge, and promotion.

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