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The database search engine lets you find visual documents and texts on this Web site and to access other related sites. To facilitate use of the search engine, predetermined search criteria appear in scroll bars. Once the search criteria are selected, simply click on the search button for access to the content.

With the search by artist, you will find more complete data on an artist. You can look at the artist’s list of works, from most recent to oldest, consult the artist’s curriculum vitae, and, in some cases, read a text on the artist’s practice.

The advanced search allows you to add criteria to conduct a more targeted search about an artist and/or a process and/or a practice and/or a theme. The results are listed in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent work, starting with the one that matches your search criteria most accurately.

Search by artist

To find all the works produced by an artist, select the artist’s name in the scroll bar and click on “search.” You will access that artist’s page.

To refine your search, you can browse the information in the search engine on the home page.

Advanced search
To conduct a more targeted search or to query the entire database, select one or several search criteria in the different scroll bars, and then click on “search.” This search may provide a greater number of results. To reduce this number, it is best to use more than two criteria to conduct your search. No matter how many results appear, they are always in listed in chronological order.

Display of the works

Thumbnail: The reproductions of the artist(s) are presented first in the form of thumbnails – 12 images per page – in chronological order beginning on page 1.

Medium-size image: When you click on a thumbnail, a medium-size image is displayed along with complete identification of and remarks on the work.

Large-format image: When you click on a medium-size image or click on the “image by image” button at the bottom of the screen, you will display a large-format image. These images are formatted 576 x 384 pixels.

Chronology of the works: All the images by a single artist contained in the database are presented in a continuous line respecting the order of series and chronological order of the works from most recent to oldest.

Curricula vitae and texts on the artists: From the artist’s page, you can access the artist’s CV and remarks on his or her works, as well as texts or essays on him or her. In some cases, you can access the artist’s Web site from his or her CV.

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